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1. I Believe in Christ
9. I I Know He Lives
2. Because
10. Jesus Was No Ordinary Man
3. Child of Light
11. Face to Face
4. His Love
12. Firstborn
5. O Lord My Redeemer
13. The Love We Share
6. His Tender Mercies
14. Treasure the Truth
7. Daughter of Diety
15. Go With God and Live
8. Now Let Us Rejoice
1. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
8. Perfect Love
2. You Can Believe in Christ
9. I Stand All Amazed
3. Consider the Lilies
10. The Olive Tree
4. Amazing Things
11. I Will Not Be Still
5. Our Savior’s Love
12. Truly This Was the Son of God
6. Prayer of St. Francis
13. He Gave His Life For Me
7. Come Back to Me
14. This is the Christ
1. Learn of Me
8. I Want To Be An Angel From Heaven
2. Window to His Love
9. My Hands
3. Warrior’s of Light
10. Another Witness
4. He’s There For You
11. The Test
5. The Savior of the World
12. Greater Love
6. His Hands
13. Never a Better Hero
7. No Other Name
14. Lord, I Would Follow Thee