Since 1998, people around the world have been inspired by the Garrett’s Songs of the Savior series. Through this collection of relaxing and uplifting music, the Garrett family has been able to spread their love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. The first Songs of the Savior volume was made up of James and Morgan at only the tender ages of 16 and 17. Five years later Jake joined them to create a third voice in their second volume. Several years later, their two sisters, Angela and Rachelle, add sensitivity, tight harmony, their testimonies, and truly angelic voices in the third album, I Believe in Christ – Songs of the Savior Volume III. Now, Volume IV adds a sixth member, Bryson, to the talente mix of vocalists. This last album features a live orchestra and amazing harmonies that just have to be heard to be appreciated.

I Am A Child Of God

I Am A Child Of God is the fourth album and latest in the on going series. These are some of your favorite hymns with beautiful and unique arrangements. The harmonies are tight and full as the first album to feature six of the talented Garrett family members. Add in a live orchestra and the songs come to life. You'll invite the spirit of Christ into your home every time you play this amazing album. 

I Believe In Christ

I Believe In Christ Third volume in the spiritual Songs of the Savior series. This Album features three of the Garrett sons, Morgan, James, and Jake, as well as two daughters, Angela and Rachelle. These five siblings come together in this album to use their musical talents to inspire and uplift the listener. These songs can help you overcome some of life's hardest trials. 

Songs of the Savior Vol II is the second album in the Garrett’s Songs of the Savior series, featuring Morgan, James, and Jake Garrett. The beautiful 14-track album, Songs of the Savior Volume II, will inspire you and bring you closer to Christ.

Songs of the Savior Vol I  is the family’s first album. Morgan and James Garrett join forces to bring you a musical masterpiece to share their testimony of Jesus Christ. This first album in the wonderful Songs of the Savior series is a work of art that will spiritually uplift and inspire.