Songs of the Savior Volume I

00.SONGS CD Booklet
In the family’s first album, Songs of the Savior Volume I, Morgan and James Garrett join forces to bring you a musical masterpiece to share their testimony of Jesus Christ. This first album in the wonderful Songs of the Savior series is a work of art that will spiritually uplift and inspire.

Released: 1998


Preview and read lyrics of the album tracks below

1. Learn of Me (Morgan and James)

2. Window to His Love (James)

3. Warrior’s of Light (James)

4. He’s There For You (James and Morgan)

5. The Savior of the World (Morgan)

6. His Hands (James)

7. No Other Name (James and Morgan)
8. I Want To Be An Angel From Heaven (Morgan)

9. My Hands (James and Morgan)

10. Another Witness (Morgan)

11. The Test (James and Morgan)

12. Greater Love (Morgan)

13. Never a Better Hero (James and choir)

14. Lord, I Would Follow Thee (Morgan and James)


Vocalists: Morgan Garrett and James Garrett
Executive Producer: Vern Garrett
Producers: Roger Hoffman and Nanette Garrett
Director: Nanette Garrett
Recorded by: Roger Hoffman at Hoffman House, Inc.
Mixed by: Roger Hoffman and Dean Kaelin
Mastered by: Dean Kaelin at Top of the World Productions
Photography by: Newman Photography
Graphic design by: John Perry
Instrumental arrangements by: Roger Hoffman
Instrumentalists: Piano: Janis Simper, Roger Hoffman, Nanette Garrett, and Morgan