Archive Monthly Archives: May 2011

International Music Tour

Garrett Europe TourThe Garrett’s are soon to travel to Europe and share twelve firesides in 4 different countries. Their firesides includes a combination of songs from Songs of the Savior Volumes II and III. They will combine music with the spoken word and hearfelt testimonies in a 90-minute sacred presentation entitled, “This is the Christ.” English will primarily be used in the songs, but they will have translators for the spoken word. Here is their tentative schedule:

  1. Wednesday, May 11th: Toulouse Stake, 7:00 pm, Toulouse, France
  2. Thursday, May 12th: Ecully Ward, 7:00 pm, Lyon, France
  3. Friday, May 13: Geneva Stake, 7:30 pm, Geneva, Switzerland
  4. Saturday, May 14th: Lausanne Stake, 7:00 pm, Lausanne, Switzerland
  5. Sunday, May 15th: Milan Stake, 6:00 pm, Milan, Italy
  6. Monday, May 16th: Mestre Stake, 8:00 pm, Venice, Italy
  7. Tuesday, May 17th: Ancona Branch, Ancona, Italy
  8. Thursday, May 19th: Rome Stake, 8:00 pm, Rome, Italy
  9. Friday, May 20th: Florence Area, 7:00 pm, Florence, Italy
  10. Saturday, May 21st: Alessandria Stake, 8:00 pm, Genova, Italy
  11. Sunday, May 22nd: Marseille Area, 6:00 pm, Marseille, France
  12. Monday, May 23rd: Bacelona & Hospitalet Stakes, 7:00 pm, Barcelona, Spain

Upcoming Albums

Coming soon is a complete set of Hymns relative to Christ. This album entitled, I am a Child of God with a subtitle, “Hymns of The Savior” is the perfect gift for anyone who loves sacred hymns. This will be the Garrett’s fourth album and it will be a remarkable combination of harmony and heart felt testimony of some of the favorite and beloved hymns of all time. The execution of these same 5 voices will deeply touch your soul with hymns such as “Come Follow Me,” “I Need the Every Hour,” “Be Still My Soul,” “Because I Have Been Given Much,” and others. It is a treasure every music library will not want to do without!

Check back soon for more updates about the Garrett’s upcoming album, I am a Child of God.